About Us

Grow Beyond is a smart platform for students of all ages, covering a broad range of fun facts, general knowledge, brain teasers and interesting tips presented in a simple and friendly way. We empower, engage and encourage kids to voice their opinions via reviews, and showcase their talents and achievements to be an inspiration to others.

Grow Beyond was conceptualized over several discussions around how to enrich the learning experience of kids. Passion is our investment and vision is our commitment. Kids are our biggest teachers – their constant volley of questions sparked the desire to make the platform.

General Knowledge is an important aspect of human life and helps children grow both on a personal and an academic level. Curiosity, tenacity & integrity are lifetime traits that will help anyone to Grow Beyond.

Grow Beyond – Shop is an extension of our platform
We believe in sustainability and education, and want to spread the love of reading. Grow Beyond stocks new or gently used children’s books which are donated and re-sold via our platform for a real bargain. Part of our sale proceeds go towards children’s charities.

YOU can help us keep the chain going!
Your old books will find new homes and HELP keep the cycle of reading going in our community. Click here if you would like to donate and recycle your used books.

Young Authors
We encourage young, budding authors and stock their books as well. Drop us a line along with a brief synopsis of your book on admin@growbeyongsg.com and we will help nudge your sales.

Gift Products
We also have curated fun, affordable gift bundles – an interesting mix for creative minds.

Join us in our learning journey and ‘Let’s Grow Beyond Together’!

Best Regards,
Pauline & Reshma


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