A Young Inventors Guide To Stem by Gitanjli Rao

“Observe, brainstorm, research, build and communicate.” – Gitanjali Rao.

15 year-old Gitanjali Rao from Colorado is no ordinary teenager. This young scientist and inventor already has a few accolades under her belt and most recently was awarded  by TIME magazine first ever ’Kid of the Year’ for 2020. 

Rao was selected amongst over 5000 Americans to win this honourable title and was interviewed by award winning Hollywood actress – Angelina Jolie, who is a contributing editor for TIME magazine and a special envoy of the U.N. high Commissioner for Refugees. In Rao’s inspirational interview, she spoke about her all her amazing work using technology to tackle everyday problems. 

Most recently, Gitanjali brilliant and compassionate mind came up with a service called ‘Kindly’ – an app or chrome extension and detects cyberbullying language, which gives the user a chance to rethink and rectify what was earlier typed in the message. Cyberbullying is a a prevailing issue amongst the youngsters and as Gitanjali smartly quoted, “I cannot see a world filled with kindness without science and technology being involved.”

At just 13, Gitanjali developed a mobile application called Epione  that provided an early warning signs of prescriptive opioid addiction.

in 2017 Gitanjali was awarded ’America’s Top Young Scientist -She invented a small device called Tethys, which used carbon nanotube sensors to detect lead in water as she was concerned about the Flint water crisis and wanted a solution to clean water. Her interest piqued in this project at the tender age of 10!

  • A few of her impressive achievements include:
  • Being recognised in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list last year.
  • ‘A Young Innovative Guide to STEM’ was also published earlier this year which ‘details a prescriptive process and encourages everybody to be a problem solver.’
  • Being featured in the web series ‘Marvel’s Hero Project’ as ‘Genius Gitanjali’ for her innovative contributions to the community.
  • Being a 3-time TEDx Speaker
  • Mentoring about 30,000 students and inspired kids to use innovations for problem solving.

Words of Advice?
“Don’t try to fix every problem, just focus on one that excites you. “If I can do it,” she said, “anybody can do it.”

(Inspiring words as told to Angelina Jolie for TIME. Read the full interview here.)

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