Kids in The Kitchen!

“Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity.”- Guy Fieri.

Aena, the lovely mummy behind Momicious Circle shares her tips on how to involve kids creatively in the kitchen & it’s countless benefits!

“A Kitchen is a full-fledged laboratory for children. A place where they can understand the concepts of healthy and unhealthy food, fruits and vegetables and how any action on food items changes their texture and taste. I show my son how the same water changes its state from liquid to solid in a freezer, while it turns into steam on a burner. There are so many topics to talk to them about while cooking; like temperature, burning, freezing, etc and trust me they get fascinated by it,” says Aena.

The benefits of involving the child in kitchen are countless:
❤️ It teaches them about the nutritional value of food
❤️ It helps with hand and eye coordination
❤️ Multi-sensory engagement
❤️ It boosts their confidence and self-worth
❤️ Teaches them to be responsible
❤️ Bonding with family
❤️ Math practical concepts 

You can also involve your child in stocking up groceries and veggies by asking them to check the stock at home & what is required. This gives them the sense of importance and the feeling that they also participate in decision making for house.

What you see in picture is him pretending to be the head chef of the house. He got all decked up with an apron and started serving my husband & me coffee, and then asked us if we would like to have pizza or pasta. So there it is, pizza cutter with my junior chef all set to serve us!

Pretend play inside the kitchen takes overall learning and development of child to the next level.

Cautionary note: It would require lots of patience, hair pulling, volley of questions thrown and mess cleaning from your end.. be prepared for it. But, in the end, it’s all worth it ?

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