The Dead Sea Is Disappearing!

Dead Sea

Dead Sea

When you think of the word “sea”, what is the first thing that pops into your mind?
? Fish swimming in the clear blue water?

Now, If you hear the word “Dead Sea”, what appears in your mind?
? Perhaps an ocean of the ‘dead’? Let’s find out…

The Dead Sea…
? Is a lake near Jerusalem between the West Bank and Jordan, located at the lowest point on the surface of the earth around 418 meters below sea level.

Why such a creepy name?
It is called the Dead Sea due to due to its significantly high salt content. No plants, fish or any aquatic mammals can survive in this hyper-saline environment.

A sea spa!
The water contains certain minerals which are said to have therapeutic effects, especially for skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Shrinking or sinking?
? The Dead Sea is SHRINKING at an alarming rate and this is caused by human actions.
? In the 1960s, the water source to the Dead Sea was diverted to building pipelines suppling water to nearby areas.
?Water levels also declined due to the minerals being extracted and used for treating health and skin issues.
☀️ The hot and dry climate also makes it difficult for the lake to replenish itself.
? The Dead Sea is also SINKING lower into the ground every year roughly by 30cm because the body of water is between two tectonic plates, which are slowly separating.

Cool Facts:
? The risk of getting sunburnt in Dead Sea is significantly lower because it is located at such a low point below sea level where the harmful UV rays are lower.
? It so salty that one can float in it without drowning.

It is estimated that the Dead Sea will no longer be around in several decades if it keeps shrinking at this rate!
Since there is nothing that can be done about the tectonic plates, humans can help slow down the process of shrinking.

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