World Rhino Day 2020

World Rhino Day is celebrated on 22nd September annually. It is a significant day for animal lovers and activists to celebrate these somewhat gentle giants in their own special way. It aims at saving the Rhinos by making people aware of the inevitable fate of them being extinct if preventive action isn’t taken.

Is there a theme for World Rhino Day, 2020?
Yes! “Five Rhino Species Forever” celebrates both the African and Asian rhino species. In addition, World Rhino Day is an opportunity to highlight efforts to debunk the myths and diminish the demand for rhino horn.

What are the 5 extant species of Rhinos?
1. White Rhino
2. Black Rhino
Indian Rhino
4. Sumatran Rhino
5. Javan Rhino (critically endangered)

All for a horn?
? Sadly yes. Every year, Rhinos are hunted because of their horn. People believe that it serves as some sort of medical purpose.
? It is a cruel practice and isn’t proven that their horns work as medicine anyways!

⚈ Rhino horns are made out of a protein called keratin (the same stuff that hair and fingernails are made out of) and not out of bone.
⚈ These tufts of hair tightly bound together make up their horn which the Rhinos use to protect themselves.
⚈ Their horns can grow throughput their lifetime, sometimes unto 150cm!

Rhino facts:
? The word “Rhinoceros” comes from the Greek “Rhino” (nose) and “Ceros” (horn).
? Some Rhinos can weigh up to 3 tons and can grow more than 6 feet tall and 11 feet in length!
? A group of Rhinos is called a herd, or a crash!
? Rhinos have three toes on each hoof, making them come under the category of ‘odd-toed ungulates’. 

Poop tool!
? Rhinos have a smelly but effective way to communicate with each other.
? Researchers discovered that Rhino’s left ‘messages’ for each other through their poop.
? Each Rhino’s dung has a unique smell which identifies its owner.
? The chemicals in the dung also reveals the gender and age of the Rhino.

Rhinos have been around for ages and play a crucial role in their ecosystem. Let’s do our part to keep the five alive.

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