World Snake Day 2020



? World Snake Day Is celebrated yearly on 16th July, as an occasion for wildlife fans to share their appreciation for these slithery creatures.
? You may be wondering, why did they make an international day on this creature? This is because people don’t recognise what this animal does for the world.
? Throughout history humans have held a fascination with serpents, but the reptiles are often misunderstood.
? This day dedicated to snakes is to dispel some of the misplaced fears & marvel the natural gifts that snakes possess. Snakes have very interesting capabilities that they are given.
? One of them is that they eat their prey whole. There was once this video posted on social media showing a snake spitting out the bones of another animal. This may sound gross to you, but we can’t even swallow more than 3 hotdogs without chewing them!
? Another interesting fact about snakes is that their tongue is used to the smell of air. If they sense something wrong about their surroundings, the only way they know that is because of the arrow shaped slobber in their head.
? In hospitals and clinics, doctors and nurses use a variety of medications to cure sicknesses humans get. In order to know that these medications work, scientists have to study the product. One of the things that they are studying is snake venom. Snake venom can kill you, yes, but can it also be used to cure bacteria? This has been studied for many years.
? The fear of snakes is called ‘Ophidiophobia’, & is reported as one of the most common phobia’s.

? Approximately 3,500 species inhabit our world, but only some 600 species are venomous and of these only a portion are dangerous to human.
? Singapore is home to varieties of snakes, including the venomous King Cobra & Pythons.
? Earlier this year, a team of researchers from Arunachal Pradesh in India discovered a new species of green pit viper and decided to name it after the “Harry Potter” series fictional character, Salazar Slytherin.

Cool Facts:
? Snakes have super flexible jaws, allowing them to swallow things that are bigger than their own size.
? Snakes are able to sense an earthquake coming. They have an inner ear that is connected to their lower jaw, the perfect anatomy to listen to the earth’s vibrations and the smallest of tremors.
? Snakes smell with their tongue.
? Snakes use their curved teeth to prevent their prey from escaping & not to bite or chew.

Have you ever spotted a snake?

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